Robo Trader AI is cloud-based software which downloads, analyzes and displays public market data and your exchange account trades and balances. Robo Trader AI can also send notifications and make trades when market conditions you define are met.

We monitor our code and server performance 24/7. However, there a number of events beyond our control which can negatively effect performance of our software:

  • Network issues. For a period of time we may not be able to connect to exchanges to gather public data or your trades, or the connection might be slow or delayed.
  • Exchange issues. From time to time exchanges themselves experience problems. This could be due to a bug in their software, a sudden unexpected increase in number of users or trades, or even some sort of attack, including a Denial of Service attack. The effect of these issues might be that data is delayed or unavailable, or we may not be able to submit a trade, or, in some cases, trades we submit may not executed, or, we may not know whether they executed or not.

These conditions can persist for seconds, minutes, hours or days. They can also be specific to the exchange's API gateway only, and not their web site, for example, or vice-versa. Network issues may also affect us but not others: it may appear to you that everything is fine, but our servers cannot reach an exchange.

While not common, these events can cause both trading losses and missed opportunities to make a profit on trades. For the above reasons beyond our control, we cannot guarantee the performance of our software. Our software tries to minimize acting on information it suspects might be old or obviously wrong, as well as not act if it suspects there might be network or exchange issues. It's risk mitigation but it does not entirely remove the risk that you may incur losses or miss profits.

Privacy Policy

Our policy is to collect as little information as required to perform the tasks which are part of our service.

Like most web sites, we use cookies to manage login and related functions. In order to learn how users engage with our web site, we use Google Analytics. We log IP numbers of your logins and also report them to you for your security.

Since we do not take deposits, and only deal with your funds on exchanges where you have gone through KYC and AML checks, we only ask you to provide an e-mail address so we can communicate with you. We suggest that when registering with Robo Trader AI you use an e-mail address which does not obviously identify you. For example, bob.smith@gmail.com will provide less privacy than an e-mail address like trader72354@random.com

Industry Best Practices

We use industry best practices in everything we do. Your password is stored encrypted in the database, as are your API keys. The key to unlock the API keys is stored only on our production server and is used only at the time required to perform the action which is part of our service. Developers do not have access to production servers.

API Key Security

You are in full control of your API keys. You are the one that generates them on remote exchanges, attaches permissions to them, and that has the right to revoke them at any time.

Please make sure that your API keys do not have permission to withdraw funds.